Welcome to Southern Bridge International (SBI)!

Southern Bridge International (SBI) welcomes Japanese families to the Carolinas, provides them with tools and resources to successfully settle in their communities, and connects them with local residents to better integrate into American life.


Southern Bridge International (SBI) is a non-profit organization established in ­­­­2003 in North Carolina, serving as a “bridge” between the Japanese and American people. Our goal is developing a bridge between Japanese people who are living in North Carolina and American people who have an interest in the Japanese culture and life style. Our missions are to promote Japanese – American cultural exchange, to conduct local service activities, and to provide practical information.

The objectives of SBI are:

  • to promote Japan-U.S. cultural exchange,

  • to assist with communication in Japanese/English, and

  • to provide useful information on events and living in the U.S. and Japan


“Cultural Exchange”

SBI offers social and cultural events throughout the year.

For Japanese and locals

  • “Carolina Meet’N’Talk” is designed to promote networking among people with an interest in and connection to Japan.  The event is held once a month, so you can meet new people and share stories of your connection to Japan.

  • “Hamami” is a one of most important cultural events in spring. Gathering with food to share and eat together under the bloomed cherry blossom trees to enjoy and feel spring is coming.

  • “Yoga in Japanese” Every month, yoga instructor, Mai Leedy gives a yoga class in Japanese. We offer child care for moms during the class.

  • “Kids Art Class” is for families with young children to learn “Origami” and to play traditional Japanese games in Japanese.  They can also enjoy listening to a Japanese story.




SBI provides Japanese-English translation and interpreting services for school, business, and doctor’s appointment.  SBI also arranges a tutoring service for Japanese students who need help with their school work and homework, and for American students who want to learn Japanese language or culture.  If you are interested in tutoring or taking a Japanese tutoring, please contact us.

  • Interpretation Rate starts from $35 per hour with travel fee from $3 up to $9.
  • Translation Rate: please contact SBI and send a sample to get an estimate.
  • Tutoring Rate starts from $35 per hour with travel fee from $3 up to $9.
  • Baby sitting with Japanese English bi-lingual starts from $25 per hour and travel fee from $3 up to $9.



Our “CAROLINA Web Magazine”  features useful and interesting information associated with the Japan-U.S. communities in NC and SC, articles from local readers, and various events in NC and SC in Japanese.  If you want to find out more about Japanese restaurants or where to buy Japanese groceries in the area, please contact us.  SBI will do research and post the answer in the CAROLIONA Web Magazine”.



For Japanese

  • “Prego Club” is a free club that is held every other month for expecting and new moms. We invite Ms. Chihiro Kitazawa from NPO Madre Bonita in Japan to the meetings. She guides new moms to get though postpartum period. Participants share information and thoughts to solve problems and support each other.

  • “Café de Mama” is held once every two months for moms who have a child up to five years old to chat and exchange information at a cafe in the triangle area. We provide a child care during the meeting to give moms relaxing time to enjoy the conversation with others.

  •  “Sweet Eighty” is a tea time and is held irregularly for Japanese over eighty years old to enjoy conversations in Japanese. We arrange transportation for participants.